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Thank you Emerald for an wonderful party in London. The products are so sophisticated, and the lingerie is of very high quality. I'm looking forward to receiving my order, and having a Soft Paris party soon.
by Fabia Posted 22/02/2016, 22:28
my experience as an host
It was my second Soft Paris Party as an host . It was a so funny and a great moment we all have enjoyed. Time to share, to play and to learn about sexuality. All my friends were so happy . Keep going and try it!
by barbara Posted 19/02/2016, 23:14
Great party
OMG, I never knew a sextoy party could be so interesting! Many thanks to Laura for being so knowledgable & professional and ensuring all of us had a great time! Oh, btw, the products are fab!
by Amy Posted 04/03/2015, 18:52
Thank you !
Thank you ! my guests and I had such a great time during the Soft Paris Event. It was very classy and informative. We loved it and look forward to having another one in a few months time!
Thanks :-)
by Amanda Posted 28/01/2015, 18:20
Amazing evening !
Thank you so much to our Advisor, yesterday was such an amazing evening! I experienced an Ann Summers party plan last year, so I thought the Soft Paris party would be as cool. Actually, it was fabulous! I never thought I could learn so much in a sextoy party, plus the products are fabulous! xx
by Amber Posted 31/10/2014, 18:57
Great Time !
Thank you to our advisor, with whom we spent two wonderful parties !!! The first one was a hen do who is unforgettable, and the second, an afternoon getaway where good humor and good atmosphere prevailed. I have had nothing but good feedback on these afternoons, and of course I plan to organize others !!! Thank you ...
by Clara Posted 09/09/2014, 11:50
I love it !
This is my 3rd Soft Party and I have to say that once again it was fantastic! We laughed a lot, but mostly I still learned things ... now I can't wait for my products but the advice I received have already been put into practice and my boyfriend loved it ...
by Mathilde Posted 29/08/2014, 17:17
Thank you
THANK YOU to Jennifer for giving us such a lovely evening with my friends and I. A delicious moment of laughter and sharing with friends.
A very nice evening with, as always, excellent products !
by Emma Posted 20/08/2014, 17:02
Thank you Soft Paris
Laughter, discovery, games ... a great atmosphere with a great advisor! Thank you for hosting this long awaited evening! It was wanderfull! Thanks Soft Paris
by Lisa Posted 12/07/2014, 21:56
lets do it again !
I'm so glad i've discovered Soft Paris ! Thank you for the fun and very practical explanations ... it's been such a success (measured in the bedroom in the past week following the party) that my boyfriend wants me to attend another one asap ! i'm 200% sticking to Soft Paris !
by Sylvia Posted 25/06/2014, 18:19
Fabulous !
I attended a Soft party a couple of weeks ago. We had a great time and the party was informative ! I have now received my products. I love them, especially the oil massage! FANTASTIC ! Very luxurious and great value form money. Thank you soft Paris !
by Carla Posted 09/06/2014, 12:44
Thank you!
I hosted my first Soft Paris party on the weekend and it was fantastic, much better than Ann Summers! We were all stunned by how professional the Soft Paris advisor was and we all learn so much... Thank you!
by Judith Posted 31/03/2014, 16:08
Thank you !
Thanks you Denise for last week! Such a great party !!! I love your new products... Clearly a lot better quality than the products you were selling before with Ann Summers !
by Amy Posted 03/02/2014, 15:39
Thank you Soft Paris!
Such a fantastic evening filled with friends and fun. Learnt a lot from the Advisor and will definitely be testing out some of my new Soft Paris products in the bedroom!
by Claire Posted 14/01/2014, 11:32
Soft Party Shades of Soft Paris
Myself and my friends love the 50 Shades of Grey novels so when we heard about Shades of Soft Paris we knew it was a must do! Thank you to all who came, we really laughed a lot and bought great products!
Also a big thanks to Emily!!
by Lizzie Posted 15/11/2013, 10:58
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