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Host a Soft Paris Party

host a sextoys party with softparis


Choose a morning, afternoon or evening party, invite your friends and encourage them to bring a friend. Relax, enjoy and have fun, as your Advisor brings the world of Soft Paris to you. A Soft Paris Party is the ultimate experience in party plan.


Your advisor will introduce you to a world where the pursuit of pleasure and happiness is key, creating those ‘take your breath away’ moments that every woman deserves to feel. You’ll learn our seduction secrets and discover our fabulous range of products: lingerieacSexsoriescosmetics, and  sextoys.


Purchase with trust and confidentiality from your trained Soft Paris Advisor who will answer any questions you have!

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Hostess Gifts

party plan direct selling of intimate products

-Be rewarded while your friends shop-

Your gift will take the form of a voucher to spend on Soft Paris products of your choice. The amount will be based on the total sales (and party bookings) from your event.

 Total Party Sales Value of your gift
Party sales up to €300 10% to 11%*
Party sales from €300.01 11% to 12%*

*With at least 2 party bookings to take place within 45 days.


The Themes

book a soft party party classique

Where happiness begins: the secrets of seduction

The Soft Paris Classique Party is an introduction to the world of Soft Paris. A Classique Party will develop the imagination, tuning into desires, and driving confidence to act on those desires, thus further exploring a women’s sensuality.

direct selling hen party les amants

Become your partners lover, for ever and ever

After the honeymoon period, many women go through the same issues, soon everyday life takes over, what happened to ‘happy ever after’? Intimacy, complicity, laughter and communication are powerful ingredients every woman deserves to experience, so that day to day ‘happy ever after’ becomes reality. A Les Amants Party will indulge your imagination.

selling lingere cosmetics and accessories from home

From grey to “la vie en rose”

The ‘Shades of Soft Paris’ Party is much more than a party plan concept, it is a true course in seduction that allows you to explore dominant and submissive relationships. Beginner or expert, discover the fun and playful way to create a new complicity with your partner. A Soft Paris Advisor will reveal four secrets that are essential to exploring the shades within your relationship.

soft party home sale sex toy lingere like a virgin

Throw the bride a memorable Hen Party

The Soft Paris Party ‘Like a Virgin’ allows you to organise an original and successful hen party! Using a personality test, your Soft Paris Advisor will prepare an adapted and tailored party based on the profile of the bride (Rock, Femme Fatale, Romantic or Traditional). Depending on this, the Advisor will reveal all the secrets of seduction to ensure that the brides wedding night will be unforgettable.

book your soft party softissime for free with soft paris

You are beautiful

The Soft Paris Party ‘Softissime’ is a true course in seduction that will take you into the glamorous and elegant world of Soft Paris. You’ll discover our products and lingerie which have been especially created to enhance your natural beauty. Because, whatever your age and body shape… You are beautiful!


After 3, 10 or 30 years together, it’s easy to fall in to routine and your desires for each other inevitably decline. You no longer pay each other the little attentions you used to, you don’t make any effort to seduce one and other anymore…

The danger is that your partner will be seduced by another. Someone who helps him re-experience the passions and desires you felt at the beginning. Don’t let it be someone else, ensure the longevity and survival of your sexual relationship by becoming your partner’s lover. Take part in a Soft Paris Maitress party and discover the secrets of seduction.


Soft Paris direct selling sextoys lingerie

Find all the success stories of Soft Paris Party participants. Have you participated in a Soft Paris Party? Share your experience here! For all other inquiries, please use our contact form.

A relaxing evening with the girls…pure happiness.!

Pauline was great, every party is full of laughter and you care free, highly recommend it to all.

by Elisabeth / Posted on 09/07/2014, 16:04

Thank You !

I just want to say Thank You to Jennifer for giving my friend Nath and I such a great party filled with laughter and shared with our other friends. We all loved the Soft Paris products, they are all so great!

by Catherine / Posted on 14/06/2014, 11:25

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