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Who are we ?


The n°1 party plan company in Europe for sensual products

In 2006, while the series “Sex and the City” was a hit in France, Anne-Charlotte Desruelle was an international corporate lawyer, who traveled between London, Paris and Dubai. Due to the lack of sex toys in France at that time, her girlfriends were constantly asking her to bring these products back to them, because they couldn’t find any products that matched their expectations.

Driven by both altruism and the identification of a gap on the french market, Anne-Charlotte decided to create a company that would provide pleasure and personal fulfillment to women and couples.

She partnered with Luca Armenia, who was director of a film production company in Paris and the winner of The Young Director’s Awards at Cannes. Today, Luca is the Creative Director of the brand, bringing a glamorous image to Soft Paris by creating a stylish design to exclusive products and elegant visual campaigns.

Together and throughout the years they have built the Soft Paris Parties concept and an exclusive range of products. Much more than lingerie and sextoy parties, this direct sales concept is a true course in seduction. The Soft Paris Advisors not only sell products for the bedroom, they give advice, seduction secrets and are trained to answer questions from customers.

Today, Soft Paris is the number one party plan brand for sensual products in Europe, with its mission to “create happiness”. Since its creation, Soft Paris has changed the personal lives of over 350,000 women, but also the professional lives of more than 5,800 women who have joined the Soft Paris team as Advisors.


Our Values

Since 2006, Soft Paris has helped their clients become more confident in the bedroom through home sales of sensual products. Soft Parties, with their chic and cheeky products, transform lives by providing self-confidence and romance, ensuring pleasure not only for women but also for couples. The essence of Soft Paris (Pleasure, Softness, Paris, Sophistication, Romance) is found in the heart of the logo.




Liberty, Audacity, Impertinence, Fantasy, Playfulness, Humour.



Frivolity, Sensuality, Delicacy & Discretion.



City of Love & Fashion.



Femininity, Fetichic, Elegance, Refinement.



Love, Passion, Glamour & Intimacy.

All Over Europe

Soft Paris crosses borders!

Soft Parties are booked all over Europe !

Thanks to all those who have joined the Soft Paris team, we have decided to open the borders of fun!

The French leader in direct sales of boudoir products is bringing a touch of French elegance and sensuality to Europe and is now expanding to Spain, Italy,  Germany, Netherlands, Belgium, Ireland and the UK.