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Soft Paris Affiliate Program

Soft Paris is the leader in home parties of lingerie, intimate toys and cosmetics. The brand prides itself on being feminine, empowering, cheeky and elegant.

Soft Paris is looking to work with a varety of affiliates who will :

Promote the brand appropriately and demonstrate similar attributes
Appreciate that it is a home party brand and promote the Soft Parties.
Adhere to and correspond with suitable branding, ethos and imagery on their websites

How it Works ?

As a member of our affiliate programme, you can earn unlimited commission. When you refer a visitor to and they fill a presentation or an advisor form, you earn 3€ commission.
When the Soft Party or advisor is confirmed, you earn an additional 7€ commission. When they place an order on the e-commerce site, you earn 15% commission.Even if they don’t fill a form or make a purchase on the first visit, any made within 30 days will earn you commission. We handle the parties, orders, payments and deliveries, all you need to do is send us visitors!
Your links need not to be “tracked links”, as our software can track whether the traffic come from your site (directLink vs tracked link). This way noone will know you are earning a commission.

Benefits Include

High industry commission of 3€ +7€ on forms and rate of 15% on e-commerce.
30 day cookie – commission is earned up to 30 days after the visit
DirectLink technology: your visitors need not to know you are earning a commission! Perfect for bloggers.
Dedicated affiliate management to provide strong affiliate offers, communication and on-going promotions
Detailed reports available via the affiliate networks, to check sales and commission earnings, see which links are working best and optimise the program to maximise your revenue

Singn up & Start Earning Commission Know

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CONTACT: If you have any questions or comments regarding the Soft Paris affiliate programme please contact us.