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The secret pleasures: the clitoris


The clitoris, loved by some and still unknown to others, is the only human organ designed purely for pleasure. Here are some tips from Soft Paris, the creators of happiness on how to reach new heights in pleasure.

The clitoris, an organ of pleasure

The clitoris, loved by many and still unknown to others, is a female reproductive organ and the principal female erectile organ. Located on the front, upper side of the vulva, which joins the lips of the vagina, it shares the same embryonic origin as the penis.

The clitoris is the most sensitive organ that can be found on the body, with its 8,000 nerve endings in the glans. It is a highly reactive and erogenous zone, perfect for foreplay. When stimulated, it promotes lubrication and vaginal opening. The visible part is composed of the glans and the hood (or prepuce). The invisible part, called the clitoral body is formed from the two corpora cavernosa and two spongy bulbs around the sides of the vagina. In total, around 9cm. The outer portion measuring an average of 5mm to 1cm, when erect it fills with blood and can increase in size significantly. It also remains engorged with blood, even after orgasm, which provides some women with the ability to have multiple orgasms.

Clitoral or vaginal orgasm?

If you reach orgasm, it’s because the clitoris is stimulated, either directly or indirectly through the vaginal wall.

Only 30% of women can experience an orgasm through penetration without direct clitoral stimulation. The remaining 70% need this stimulation to reach the ‘peak of pleasure’. The clitoral orgasm is always vaginal, because the vagina will contract in both a rhythmic and involuntary manner.

How to stimulate

As we’ve established, the clitoris is a very sensitive organ and stimulation should be delicate. Fingers, lips, tongue or even simple friction – anything goes! Use a good lubricant to accentuate the delicacy of feeling, like Encore Mieux or Encore Histoire. If you want to add an exotic touch, then why not try the Gourmet lubricant range?

The use of accessories and toys is also advised. Be creative gentlemen! You can play with textures, using Complices or the sweet sensations of Delight. Try it and you’ll discover a whole world of pleasures.

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