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The 7 qualities of a direct seller

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Direct selling can be a seemingly simple profession and though it’s accessible to anyone, there are certain qualities that will give you an advantage in succeeding. Soft Paris, the number one direct selling company for intimate toys, cosmetics and accessories will walk you through everything you need to know about developing these skills.

Quality #1: Consistency and professionalism

In general, a person demonstrating consistency and professionalism is always invaluable to any organisation and it’s definitely a must-have quality for any Soft Paris direct seller. It takes work and determination to develop, but in the end it will pay off and this will show on your payslip!

Quality #2 : Knowing your products

Knowing your products well allows you to advise the most suitable product to address your client’s needs and easily respond to their questions. A hours is all it takes to get to know your starting product list, after that, you can learn the rest of the catalogue naturally through your Parties, Training and client requests. A Soft Paris Advisor takes around 1.5 months to master the entire catalogue, by working little and often every day.

Quality #3 : Enthusiasm

Enthusiasm is one of the keys to success in any role. When you love something, the way you talk about it can inspire others to discover it too. Enthusiasm, cheerfulness and humour are contagious and to be a Soft Paris Advisor, you have to enjoy sharing these things. With Soft Paris, being able to get up every day and do a job you love is a great motivator.

Quality #4 : Empathy and listening

As a home sales person, clients seek your advice because you know the products and you’ve more than likely been asked the same question before. Being a Soft Paris Advisor is even more special, because Soft Paris clients trust you with their intimate problems. Combining empathy and listening can build a relationship of trust that’s essential to helping your clients.

Quality #5 : Perseverance and optimism

It’s the way we perceive facts, events and happenings that determine how we go about life. Having a positive outlook will always have a beneficial influence on the outcome of a situation. As with all jobs, being a home sales person can have its fair share of trials and tribulations. But never give up, your colleagues will be there to share their experience and help you progress.

Quality #6 : Organisational skills

Knowing how to manage appointments, various meetings and training sessions takes minimal preparation, but if you’re already an organised person, then you’ll have a big advantage.

Quality #7 : Composure

When your clients are a little tipsy, they can sometimes behave a little outrageously, but being patient is very useful. You should also know how to keep cool when faced with a question you’ve never considered or had to answer before. Remember to note down the question and come back with an answer later.


Few people naturally possess all the qualities on this list. They work daily to develop them, especially during training with Soft Paris. Everyone adapts their personality, strengths and weaknesses to progress at their own pace.


If you think you have what it takes to be a home salesperson, then become the best, become a Soft Paris Advisor!


Posted on 08/24/2016 by Soft Paris in News @ie

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