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Say Cheeeeese : Annelolotte’s Photo Shoots of Happiness


On the occasion of Soft Paris’ 10th anniversary, Annelolotte, founder of the number one brand for direct selling lingerie, cosmetics and toys remembers the photoshoots that have left an impression.

Moment of happiness to remember forever


At first, we rented the camera equipment…but the lens was wrong for the size of the products we were shooting”. Luca had to perch on top of a stepladder and Annelolotte had to lie face down on the floor to move the products. “We spent the whole day either standing or lying prone, we were up and down about a hundred times a day. The next morning I woke up with large bumps on my knees and right hip, which I’d had to lie on every time I moved the products”. On the second day, Annelolotte found a solution – “I tried wearing kneepads, but the bump on my knee still hurt. Then I changed sides so a was resting on my left hip”.

Annelolotte recalls another shoot, were they had to move everything out of the office on the Friday night, do a two day photoshoot, then move everything back in before work started on the Monday morning. “There’s no need to tell you I didn’t do any parties that weekend”!


Some of our oldest Advisors may have seen the catalogue with flowers. Well these photoshoots were also memorable. “I was going to Rungis to look for flowers. To make sure I got the best quality and choice possible, I would go there between 2am and 4am, taking the first return train to Paris. I couldn’t help but laugh, walking through the metro trains, loaded up with flowers like a Donkey! As well as the technical aspects related to the photography, I had to look after the flowers. I had to make sure they didn’t get too close to the lights and kept hydrated (not especially safe with all the electrics around)“.


Do you remember the photo of the big dog in the previous article? Well, AC has a memory about it too. “Luca insisted that we used the morning light to take the pictures. Those first rays create a very special light, but only last for a few minutes”. Given that it was late June – right at midsummer – that’s around 4:30am here in the UK. With an hour to prep the technical team and a further hour for makeup, the team began its work at 2am.

What wouldn’t we do to make sure our Advisors have the best catalogues? You too can join the Soft Paris team !


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