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Pauline, Soft Paris Ambassador of Happiness in Rio de Janeiro


Among the incredibly rich stories of dispensing happiness from our Advisors, is the case of Pauline. Pauline always had a dream to discover Brazil, as a Soft Paris Advisor, she could.

Thank you Soft Paris for changing my life!

I became a Soft Paris Advisor in February 2014, when I was working in another part time role. Pauline decided to use her experience at Soft Paris to change her life. “At the age of 28, I had been with my husband for 14 years. He was immediately against the idea of me joining Soft Paris. I didn’t drop Soft Paris, it allowed me to know myself more, allowed me to ask myself questions I never had before. Above everything, it allowed me to have confidence in myself”!

Pauline left her husband in France alongside her other job that she’d had for 5 years! She left for Brazil just after Soft Paris National Day 2015. “What’s really hard, is to attend a great Soft Paris National Day and then leave just a few days after…”. Pauline wrote to us during her journey, to tell us about the successes she had and how she now “wanted to work even more than before”.

Direct selling isn’t just about sales, it’s about consulting, training and working with wonderful products in a unique enviroment. As an enterprising and independant woman, Pauline sought to settle in Rio, where she wanted to take Soft Paris with her. “The girls here are really open, but the shops here are really crappy, the products aren’t at all glamorous”.

Today, Pauline has returned to France, with her head full of vivid Brazillian colours and culture, eger to start dispensing happiness with Soft Paris again… alongside the odd Caipirinha. “Again, thank you Soft Paris for allowing me to live my dream”! Thank you Pauline for daring to live.


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Posted on 06/08/2016 by Soft Paris in News @ie

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