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Lingerie and football Shirt: Sex and Football?


The European Cup is fast approaching and it’s a great opportunity for Soft Paris to conduct a survey on the relationship between Football and sex. With 259 submissions, we had a look at whether all those cliches about men, footy and sex were true after all!

Football under the spotlight

51% of everyone surveyed believe that sex and Football are incompatible.

But in general, 77% of men who responded to the survey see their libido increase in the evenings after a victory, whilst only  20% prefer football to cuddling. Ladies, you have nothing to fear, football is your friend and it clearly has a positive impact on your hugging. If your partner’s team loses, you can always console them!

On the evening of the final, 23% of men would choose football over sex, while 57% would choose sex over football, the other 20% would rather combine them. We wondering if they will combine them at the same time or make them happen one after the other.

Again, on the evening of the final, 35% of women watching the game hope that their partner’s team wins, so as to increase their chance of a cuddle. 44% chose to leave the house all together (after all, we should be more desirable than a football, right!?). 21% of women chose to spend their evening with Soft Paris intimate toys and accessories, while 25% of women admit to enjoying making love before a match.

Enough to feed fantasies…or jealousies

In the fantasy category, 14% of men love the idea of their partner in just a football shirt. Good news for all Soft Paris clients – 71% of men surveyed preferred the idea of their partner in lingerie over anything else. While the remaining 15% prefer to see their partner in the nude.

What about the football players in all of this? 27% of women surveyed admitted fantasising about them, 31% of those for the players’ well shapen posterior! 2% of all women surveyed even admitted fantasising about a particular player during intercourse. Some female entrants claimed that men were jealous of the successes of footballers, while 38% of men surveyed considered their partners jealous of the attention football brings.

A selection of Soft Paris lingerie to help your partner support his team

Here’s a selection of products from Soft Paris to help you support your team during the Euro:

For the Red & Whites: Milady Red – Dress / Rachel – White Set

For the White & Blues: Lolita – Babydoll / Jennifer – White Babydoll

For the Red & Greens: Edith – Babydoll / Fétichic – Red Set

So be your team’s best supporter this summer, there’s no need to go to the stadium – just book your Soft Paris Party for home!

Posted on 06/01/2016 by Soft Paris in News @ie

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