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Fighting the media’s ‘doom & gloom’ with small doses of happiness


Negative news is part of daily life, our TV screens, Newspapers, Social Media walls serve as a constant reminder that sad things are happening every day around the world. But this is no reason to be morose or get the blues, Soft Paris has some tried and tested tips on how to keep you sunny disposition bright any day of the week!

Don’t let yourself be overwhelmed by information

To stay in a good mood, it’s important to be selective about the information you process and let get to you. If you process and think about all the information that faces you when you read the news, you’ll soon be saddened. If the information doesn’t concern you, then there’s no need to watch, read or listen to it more than once. For example, with the tragedy in Orlando, it’s better to spend a quiet moment of prayer or a few moments of silence than watching stressful images and footage in a loop.

There’s no need to spoil your day by digesting repeat information. Be content that you’ve kept abreast of the news once a day, as that’s plenty enough and a lot better for your morale.

Treat yourself to some decompression

Try taking three minutes of calm in the middle of the day, ten or fifteen minutes of quiet reflection before bed…it’s simple: sit, breathe, do nothing else but enjoy the quiet around you and think “I’m alive” – good news indeed!

A secret method that’s proven itself

We’re going to share another method with you we wanted to keep secret, but on reflection it’s not our style so we’re going to share it with you: Hugs! It’s simple, but requires someone to share it with. Your darling, your children or even your pet can share hugs with you, it releases endorphins, the happiness hormone. Take two or three minutes to indulge in a real hug, not just a quick pat on the back. Remember that you’re loved and you’re essential to the lives of your loved ones!

At Soft Paris, we’re creators of happiness and we prove this every day with our parties, so if that’s not fighting the doom and gloom, we don’t know what is!

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Posted on 06/29/2016 by Soft Paris in News @ie

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